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Tgod Smartwatches are the best-value wearable technology which allows people to answer and make phone calls with the Bluetooth feature. Tgod smartwatches have a built-in microphone and speaker. Smartwatch Mart's selection of wearable technology offers watches that can be used as a mobile-phone. Tgod smartwatches have a cell-phone feature, this feature enables the smartwatch to be used as a separate phone with a SIM card. Our smartwatches can also be connected to all smartphones with Bluetooth. Our smartwatches where bought by people in countries such as Algeria, France, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and many more countries. People everywhere on the planet can purchase Tgod Smartwatches. Our smartwatches are designed for peoples daily lives. The armbands of our watches are made from premium materials and are dust-resistant. Our Osgood Smartwatch and Beast Smartwatch are very durable and stylish. We sell a variety of smartwatches, our Tgod Smartwatches have Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp installed and our smartwatches feature a Pedometer which give our smartwatches the ability to count how many footsteps the wearer makes. The Tgod Beast Smartwatch features a sport-band compared to the Tgod iGear Smartwatch, which has a casual-wear design. In 2019, the smartwatch industry is expected to evolve significantly. The wearable technology market is growing rapidly in America & Canada, people are becoming aware of the growing presence of smartwatches in our lives. Advancements in technology will enable us to provide more features in our wearable technology. North America, has a lot of people living in remote areas and since the smartwatch industry is advancing rapidly, many people in remote areas do not have any exposure to businesses that sell smartwatches. Tgod pricing is unbeatable, we ensure that our products meet the demands of peoples busy lives without compromising performance. Tgod iGear smartwatches feature a 360MHz processor and a 1.54 inch HD Touch Screen. Tgod smartwatches are good quality and our pricing is unbeatable. In America and Canada a lot of people are living in remote areas or congested cities. In congested areas, such as California, New York, and Toronto a lot of people are buying our smartwatches. However in remote areas of British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Alaska people don't get as much media exposure. Buying smartwatches online is convenient and affordable. We will ship the smartwatch to you with tracking number within 2 business days, all orders typically arrive within 5 business days.  To provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and to many US states orders usually arrive within 3 business days. Smartwatch Mart  provides free shipping with tracking information, anywhere in America & Canada.